Incorporation in Pakistan


Pakistan, with its strategic geographic position and booming consumer market, offers myriad opportunities for entrepreneurs. However, starting a business in a new country can be challenging due to the unique regulatory landscape. AMY Consulting, with our specialized knowledge and experience, eases your journey to establishing your business in Pakistan.

Business Registration in Pakistan

Registering a business in Pakistan involves several steps in adherence to legal requirements. At AMY Consulting, we handle these steps for you, ensuring your business is accurately registered and legally compliant. Proper business registration is crucial for credibility, financial assistance, and lawful operation.

Pakistan Business Structures

Pakistan provides a variety of business structures, each with its unique legal and operational benefits. AMY Consulting assists you in identifying the best structure for your business model:

  1. Sole Proprietorship in Pakistan: If you’re a single business owner, we help set up a sole proprietorship, guiding you through the process and outlining the benefits and responsibilities involved.
  2. Partnership Business in Pakistan: For businesses with more than one owner, we assist in establishing a partnership, ensuring compliance with all legal and operational requirements.
  3. Private Limited Company in Pakistan: We offer extensive support in setting up a private limited company, providing you with detailed insights into the process and benefits.
  4. Public Limited Company in Pakistan: For those planning to go public, we provide expert guidance on the formation of a public limited company.
  5. Single Member Company in Pakistan: We guide single owners interested in forming a single-member company through the registration process and inform them of its unique advantages.

Province-Specific Registration

Different provinces in Pakistan have varying regulatory requirements. We offer localized support tailored to the specific needs of each province:

  • Punjab to Islamabad: Whether you’re setting up your business in the bustling city of Lahore in Punjab, the coastal economic hub of Karachi in Sindh, the rapidly developing regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, resource-rich Balochistan, or the capital city Islamabad, we ensure your business complies with all the region-specific regulations.

Key Registration Steps

AMY Consulting handles the key steps of business registration in Pakistan:

  • Choosing a Business Name in Pakistan: We guide you through the process of choosing and registering a unique and appropriate business name as per the local regulations.
  • Pakistan Business Licenses and Permits: Based on your business’s nature, we assist in identifying and securing the necessary licenses and permits for lawful operation.
  • Registering with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP): We streamline the process of registering your business with SECP, a mandatory requirement for most businesses.
  • Pakistan NTN Registration: We guide you through the process of securing a National Tax Number (NTN), a requirement for tax registration in Pakistan.

Post-Registration Compliance

Our commitment to your business extends beyond initial registration. We offer ongoing support for post-registration compliance:

  • Annual Accounts and Tax Return in Pakistan: We assist you in understanding and fulfilling your obligations for maintaining annual accounts and filing tax returns, ensuring you meet all deadlines.
  • Pakistan Sales Tax and Income Tax Compliance: We provide advice on meeting your sales tax and income tax obligations, helping you navigate the tax landscape in Pakistan.
  • Renewing Business Licenses in Pakistan: We keep you informed about the timelines for renewing your business licenses to maintain uninterrupted operations.
  • Pakistan Labor Laws for Businesses: As you hire and manage your workforce, we guide you through Pakistan’s labor laws, ensuring you foster a compliant and healthy work environment.


Setting up a business in Pakistan is a promising move, full of opportunities for growth and success. With AMY Consulting, this process is simplified and streamlined. Our expertise in Pakistani business registration, understanding of various business structures, and knowledge of province-specific regulations ensure a smooth registration process for your business. From choosing the right business structure, managing registration steps, to handling post-registration responsibilities, we’re with you every step of the way. With AMY Consulting, you are well-prepared to navigate the Pakistani business landscape and build your success story.



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