Tax Registration in Pakistan


Navigating tax registration in Pakistan can be a complex process for any business. Whether you’re a budding startup or an international company entering the Pakistan market, proper tax registration is essential to operate legally. At AMY Consulting, we aim to simplify this process, enabling businesses to focus on their core operations.

Pakistan Tax Registration

Tax registration in Pakistan is not just a legal obligation but a crucial part of establishing your business’s identity with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). At AMY Consulting, we help you understand and navigate the tax registration process in Pakistan.

Types of Taxes in Pakistan

Different types of taxes apply to businesses in Pakistan. Our team at AMY Consulting helps businesses identify and register for the relevant tax categories:

  1. Income Tax Registration: We guide businesses through the income tax registration process, ensuring they meet their legal obligations.
  2. Sales Tax Registration: Businesses involved in the sale of goods or services need to register for sales tax. We provide comprehensive guidance and support in the sales tax registration process.
  3. Federal Excise Duty (FED) Registration: Certain goods and services are subject to FED in Pakistan. We help businesses understand and register for FED as required.

Province-Specific Tax Registration

Tax laws vary slightly across the provinces in Pakistan:

  • From Punjab to Balochistan: Whether you operate in the bustling marketplaces of Punjab, the industrial sectors of Sindh, the growing economy of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, or the resource-rich Balochistan, our consultants ensure your tax registration is compliant with the specific rules of each province.

National Tax Number (NTN) and Sales Tax Number (STRN)

NTN and STRN are essential for tax matters in Pakistan:

  • Importance of NTN and STRN: We explain the significance of obtaining NTN and STRN and their role in the Pakistani tax system.
  • How to Apply for NTN and STRN: We assist businesses through the NTN and STRN application process, ensuring they meet all the prerequisites.

Tax Compliance and Reporting in Pakistan

Maintaining tax compliance and accurate reporting is crucial for businesses:

  • Understanding Tax Compliance in Pakistan: We help businesses understand their ongoing tax obligations to maintain complete compliance with Pakistani tax laws.
  • Filing Tax Returns in Pakistan: We guide businesses through the tax return filing process, ensuring adherence to deadlines and laws.
  • Importance of Accurate Tax Reporting: We stress the importance of accurate tax reporting, helping businesses avoid penalties and make informed financial decisions.

Tax Consulting Services in Pakistan

Availing professional tax consulting services offers numerous advantages:

  • Benefits of Tax Consulting Services: From staying updated with changing tax laws to ensuring complete compliance, the benefits of tax consulting services are extensive. AMY Consulting helps businesses realize these benefits.
  • Choosing a Tax Consultant in Pakistan: We provide valuable insights into choosing the right tax consultant, demonstrating how AMY Consulting is a leading choice for businesses across Pakistan.


Navigating the Pakistan tax registration process can be complicated, but with AMY Consulting, it doesn’t have to be. Our understanding of various tax types, province-specific tax laws, NTN and STRN application process, and tax compliance requirements provides a comprehensive service for your Pakistan tax registration needs. With AMY Consulting handling your tax registration, your business can concentrate on what truly matters: growth and success.



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