Tax Registrations in Canada


Understanding and complying with tax registration in Canada is vital for any business. Whether you’re a local start-up or a global enterprise expanding into the Canadian market, proper tax registration ensures you are operating within the confines of Canadian law. At AMY Consulting, we streamline this process, enabling businesses to meet their tax obligations seamlessly.

Canadian Tax Registration

Tax registration in Canada is an essential legal requirement that provides your business with a unique identification for all dealings with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and other government bodies. At AMY Consulting, we guide you through the ins and outs of the Canadian tax registration process.

Types of Taxes in Canada

Different types of taxes apply to businesses operating in Canada. AMY Consulting helps businesses identify and register for the relevant tax categories:

  1. Goods and Services Tax (GST) Registration: The GST is a federal tax that applies to most goods and services. We assist businesses in understanding the GST requirements and registering accordingly.
  2. Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Registration: HST combines the federal GST and provincial sales tax in certain provinces. We guide businesses through HST registration, ensuring they comply with the specific tax laws of these provinces.
  3. Provincial Sales Tax (PST) Registration: Some provinces levy their own PST, separate from the GST. Our consultants help businesses navigate PST registration requirements in these provinces.
  4. Corporate Income Tax Registration: We assist businesses in complying with their corporate income tax obligations, enabling them to register properly and meet all legal requirements.
  5. Payroll Tax Registration: Businesses employing workers in Canada must register for payroll taxes. We help businesses fulfill this obligation, ensuring they comply with all payroll tax laws and regulations.

Province-Specific Tax Registration

Each Canadian province has unique tax laws. Our experts at AMY Consulting offer specific guidance tailored to these regional variations:

  • From Ontario to Manitoba: Whether your business is based in populous Ontario, diverse Quebec, nature-rich British Columbia, oil-powered Alberta, or the agricultural heartland of Manitoba, we ensure your tax registration aligns with the specific regulations of each province.

Business Number (BN)

In Canada, a Business Number (BN) serves as a unique identifier for your business in its dealings with the government:

  • Importance of BN: We explain to businesses the significance of the BN, outlining its uses and the necessity of obtaining it.
  • How to Apply for BN: We assist businesses in applying for a BN, simplifying the process and ensuring they meet all requirements.

Tax Compliance and Reporting in Canada

Tax compliance and reporting are ongoing obligations for businesses:

  • Understanding Tax Compliance in Canada: We help businesses grasp their continued tax obligations, emphasizing the need for accurate reporting and timely payments.
  • Filing Tax Returns in Canada: We guide businesses through the process of filing tax returns in Canada, helping them meet deadlines and comply with all relevant laws.
  • Importance of Accurate Tax Reporting: We stress the importance of precise tax reporting, helping businesses avoid potential penalties and aiding in effective financial planning.

Tax Consulting Services in Canada

Professional tax consulting services can be invaluable for businesses operating in Canada:

  • Benefits of Tax Consulting Services: From staying up-to-date with changing tax laws to ensuring complete compliance, the benefits of tax consulting services are immense. AMY Consulting helps businesses realize these benefits.
  • Choosing a Tax Consultant in Canada: We provide insights into the considerations for choosing a tax consultant, showing why AMY Consulting is a preferred choice for many businesses in Canada.


Tax registration in Canada is a crucial step for businesses, but it can often seem complex and overwhelming. With AMY Consulting, this process becomes straightforward and hassle-free. Our understanding of various tax types, province-specific tax laws, BN application process, and tax compliance requirements allows us to provide a comprehensive tax registration service. We stand by businesses every step of the way, ensuring they meet their tax obligations effectively and efficiently. With AMY Consulting managing your Canadian tax registration, you can concentrate on what truly matters – growing your business.



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