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Elevating Careers with Tax & Corporate Training at ACTI

AMY Consulting Training Institute (ACTI) understands the dynamic and complex nature of tax and corporate environments in today’s business world. With an ever-changing legal landscape, professionals need to keep their knowledge up-to-date to stay competitive and effective. Our aim at ACTI is to bridge the knowledge gap by providing targeted, comprehensive, and certified Tax & Corporate Training programs that cater to diverse needs and skill levels.

Certified Tax and Corporate Consultant Training

Our Certified Tax and Corporate Consultant Training is designed to provide a robust foundation of tax laws and corporate regulations. This course is tailored for individuals keen on stepping into the world of taxation and corporate consultancy, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to advise businesses on compliance and efficient tax strategies.

Tax and Corporate Manager Training

For professionals who are already a part of or aim to join the corporate world at a managerial level, our Tax and Corporate Manager Training is an excellent fit. This course dives into the intricacies of managing tax and corporate issues at the operational and strategic levels, helping managers make informed decisions that are legally compliant and financially beneficial.

Advanced Tax Training for Professionals – Tax Expert Course for Tax Consultants

Designed for experienced professionals, our Advanced Tax Training offers a deep dive into the complex world of taxation. This course covers a wide array of topics, from income tax and sales tax regulations to advanced aspects of tax consulting. It’s an excellent course for tax consultants aiming to strengthen their expertise and stay ahead in the dynamic world of tax laws.

Advance Withholding Tax Training under Income Tax and Sales Tax

Our Advance Withholding Tax Training under Income Tax and Sales Tax is a specialized course that provides an in-depth understanding of withholding tax regulations. The course covers both income tax and sales tax, providing learners with comprehensive knowledge that is critical for efficient tax management in businesses.

Training on Income Tax Return Filing & Training on Filing of Withholding Statements

These two courses are designed to equip learners with practical skills in tax filing. They cover the ins and outs of income tax return filing and withholding statements filing, offering hands-on training that helps individuals and businesses meet their tax obligations efficiently and correctly.

Filing of PRA Sales Tax Returns Training & Training on FBR Proceedings

For those dealing with sales tax, we offer specific training on filing PRA Sales Tax Returns and understanding Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) proceedings. These courses help businesses ensure compliance with sales tax laws, avoid penalties, and navigate the FBR’s processes effectively.

Training Workshop on Income Tax Law

This training workshop offers a comprehensive overview of income tax law, designed for both beginners and experienced professionals. The course covers the foundations of income tax law and progresses to advanced topics, equipping learners with a well-rounded understanding of income tax in Pakistan.

Training on Audit and Assessments by Authorities

Our training on Audit and Assessments by Authorities prepares businesses and individuals for audits conducted by tax authorities. It covers the audit process, necessary preparations, responding to audit findings, and understanding assessment procedures.

Advanced Tax Fraud Investigation Training

Our Advanced Tax Fraud Investigation Training is a specialized course that equips learners with skills to detect and prevent tax fraud. The course is designed for professionals in compliance, audit, and risk management roles.

At ACTI, our goal is to provide quality, comprehensive, and practical training that empowers our learners. With our Tax & Corporate Training courses, we are confident that we can help professionals in Pakistan stay on top of the game in the complex world of taxation and corporate law.



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